Alli Gokeler: Motor learning in ACL rehab

Alli Gokeler
Dr. Alli Gokeler will present up-to-date research and outcome-based studies to help your clinic incorporate the cutting edge best practices into your daily routines.

Return to sports should be considered as a continuum as a process al the way up to when an injured athlete has reached a level of return to performance. During this course, a critical assessment of the current return to sport and performance after ACL-reconstruction will be presented.


The aim of the class is to introduce the theoretical and practical principles of motor learning, neuroplasticity and neurocognition. Attendees will have the opportunity to master these concepts immediately into their practice.

This course is about 50% practical



Course objectives:


At the end of the course you can:

– Plan and implement an individual evidence-based rehabilitation program

– Use a comprehensive spectrum of sensorimotor and biomechanical assessments

– Recognise that return to play is a continuum rather than a fixed moment in time

– Contribute to the return to sport shared decision making


Alli gokeler FINAL



Alli Gokeler obtained his degree in Physical Therapy in 1990 from the Rijkshogeschool Groningen.

In 2005 he started on his PhD project at the University Medical Center Groningen. He has a special interest in motor control after ACL injuries.


The main focus of the current research is to determine which interventions could induce neuroplastic changes of the brain that would proof beneficial in terms on injury prevention and return to sports after an injury.



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22.10.2022 9:00

2 days

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