Bart Dingenen : ACL rehab, from theory to practice.

Bart Dingenen
Bart Dingenen

After this course, participants will, among others:

  • Know whether we can screen for ACL injuries, and how apply this clinically
  • be able to describe the key sensorimotor, biomechanical & psychological consequences of ACL injuries
  • be able to optimize instruction, feedback and structure of exercices prescription ton optimize motor learning in function of ACL rehabilitation and prevention
  • be able to describe treatment decision-making modifiers and prognostic factors after ACL injury
  • be able to describe the key content of preoperative treatment programs of ACL injuries
  • be able to apply criteria-based treatment after ACL injury and ACL reconstruction across deferent stages
  • be able to optimize return to sport decision-making

About Bart:

In 2009, he graduated as Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at KU Leuven, Belgium. After graduation, he started working in a private practice to further develop my skills as a physical therapist.


Throughout the years, I developed a special interest and expertise in prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal lower extremity injuries.

His passion for physical therapy has brought me into the combination of clinical practice and research. In 2015, he finished his PhD, which was focused on postural control in relation to ACL injuries and chronic ankle instability. His postdoctoral research activities at KU Leuven and Hasselt University (Belgium) were focused on the optimization of assessment and rehabilitation of ACL injuries and running-related injuries.



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05.09.2020 9:00

2 days

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