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About us

Our purpose?
Sustainably improve people's lives and guide them towards the best version of themselves.

Our philosophy

We believe that to sustainably improve people's lives, only a global approach based on these 4 pillars can work.


Movement is the basis of our life, it is essential to improve performance. For everyone, its primary function simply means moving better. Whether you are young, old, professional athlete or amateur, movement is the key to leading a healthy and healthy life. His regular work also makes it possible to improve the quality of the sporting gesture.


Literally translated, Mindset means “the configuration of the mind”. The mindset is therefore a state of mind in which you will have to condition yourself with the full understanding of what it takes to accomplish your goals. It will allow you to go through the various difficulties that you will encounter in your life, to get up in case of failure and to start again in a positive way.


Fuel your body, fuel your soul! Nutrition provides the support, the fundamental assistance to fuel the body and the mind to maximize performance. As well as training and recovery, nutrition will allow you to regain, improve or maintain health using reflexes and practical keys to food. Eating is and must above all remain a pleasure.


Recovery encompasses all possible means that will allow you to regenerate your body and mind and thus prepare for the next day’s activity. The use of active but also passive techniques will help you regain your full abilities more quickly. Give yourself time to breathe, to rest.

Our values


Our team of specialists is continuously trained to ensure appropriate and high-quality follow-up. In each center, we want our patients to evolve in high-level infrastructures and benefit from the latest innovations.


Be sure to educate our patients, make them more aware of the many aspects related to health. Help them adopt a holistic approach related to movement, mindset, nutrition and recovery.


A global approach to the patient through multidisciplinary management of aspects related to health, vitality, performance and well-being. Communication between therapists to ensure the best possible care.

Our missions

Uperform aims to pursue multiple missions on a day-to-day basis
personal training chez Uperform


work upstream of injuries and illnesses.



after an surgery, a muscle or joint injury, an illness.



Everyone has their own definition of performance. In search of a new breath, amateur or professional sportsman.