Accompanying seniors

Treat your pathology

Do you have a pathology that requires special attention or monitoring? We have a wide range of services and professionals covering many specialties in order to meet your needs, your specificities and your expectations.

Recover your vitality

Your health is essential. Do you want to maintain it, maintain your mobility, regain your vitality, be there for your grandchildren or, simply, maintain your independence? Our coaches are here to help you get there, the’ve been trained in that way. With them, you will keep your shape and improve it little by little while respecting your performance.

Prevent falls

Rightly so, you are afraid of falling. We all know the consequences of a fall; the biggest fear is that you won't be able to get up to call for help. We're here to help you manage and work on your balance. And if, despite this, you fall, we will have taught you how to do it by protecting yourself and you will know how to get up.

Available Centers

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