Passionate, attentive, qualified physiotherapists

Our team of sports physiotherapists pursue multiple goals:to prevent and to cure injuries. If you sustain an injury, we make every effort to enable you to resume your sports activities (whether leisure or professional) as quickly as possible and above all, in the best possible conditions through precise and innovative treatment plans. We treat many sports pathologies including: sprains, fractures, muscular lesions - tears, elongations, contractures, tendinopathies, bone lesions, rehabilitation following surgical operations ...

Prevent injuries upstream

Preventative physiotherapy exercises will help you avoid injuries that could keep you away from the field in the short or long term. We analyse your technique, according to the sports discipline you practise, to improve your performance, as well as offering manual therapy, return-to-sport programs and more specific injury screening. Sports physiotherapy is adapted to cater to different profiles, contexts and goals.

The importance of rehabilitation through movement

After an injury, whether slight or more serious, immediate and active management facilitates quicker healing and reduces possible after-effects. Above all it allows a faster resumption of training and a return to competition .Working on mobility and functional movements, learning to improve your motor control or manage your effort; all of these are good techniques which sports physiotherapy administered by experienced professionals can help you to develop.

Optimising your return-to-performance

Uperform, with its team of physiotherapists specialised in physical preparation, works with athletes to ensure their return to training and then to competition after injury. As healthcare professionals, we are motivated by the achievement of your goals, we communicate with your doctor, your coaches and physical trainers when necessary. To ensure the quality of our care, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment, adapted rehabilitation rooms as well as spaces dedicated to recovery.

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