Pregnant or young mother & playing sports

Welcome to a world entirely dedicated to women, a world we don't talk about often enough, with its sometimes sensitive, sometimes taboo subjects. Indeed, whether you are a woman, a mother or a future mother, when we play sport, we do not always think about the medium or long term impacts of it on our body. Being pregnant or giving birth does not mean that you are limited to walking or swimming. Because motherhood is such an incredible time in a woman's life, it is necessary to be properly informed and supported.

Follow-up adapted to your physique, your pregnancy

Thinking about your future pregnancy but don't know how to do it? Are you afraid that the impacts associated with playing sports are not compatible with early pregnancy? Have you heard that your sport is not good for your baby? So many questions we ask ourselves as a future or young mother. Well supported, it is entirely possible to adapt your physical activity without stopping altogether. Or you are not athletic and the pounds of pregnancy scare you; you want a follow-up adapted to your physique and your pregnancy.

And after your pregnancy?

All sportswomen who have given birth ask themselves the same question: "When will I be able to resume sport? It goes without saying that the answer to this question is very difficult because it varies on a case-by-case basis. Each pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery is different. One woman is not another and you have come to the right place! Rest assured… after your delivery, we accompany you through this wonderful stage of your life giving you complete peace of mind. And as soon as you are ready, we can assist you in recovering your muscle tone.


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