Sport medicine

Sports medicine

Specialized medicine that studies sports-related pathologies, whether trauma, overload or related to equipment. It does not only affect professional sportsmen but also amateurs and leisure sportsmen. Infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, cortisone and mesotherapy are also part of the treatments that the sports doctor can provide.

Cardiological assessment

The annual medical check-up of non-contraindication to the practice of sport is part of it with its possible ECG analysis. Indeed the preventive aspect and the advice of the practice of the sport according to the level, the imbalances and the pathologies of each one each one to an important part.

Physiology of effort

Sports medicine also studies stress physiology through stress tests in particular. This makes it possible to advise on a sports recovery or to intervene in training planning taking into account sports objectives. The implementation of intense sports projects must be preceded by an opinion from the sports doctor and training plans can be considered.

Elite athletes or teams

Finally, the sports doctor will take care of professional teams and high-level athletes as well as the monitoring of competitions or matches, in close collaboration with physiotherapists.


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