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The meaning of psychological support

Sometimes we feel the pressure of the different objectives we have to achieve: to perform well at work, in relationships, in sport, in all activities of life. This can lead to feelings of frustration, sadness, loss of motivation and effectiveness as well as a feeling of a loss of dynamism, which in turn can cause suffering. Psychological support can help to manage this, including where there is no specific pathology, by redirecting a person's attention to their own resources and by helping them to identify strategies which help them to function better.

A psycho-physiological approach

A psycho-physiological approach can help you find the best mode of functioning, by working simultaneously on feelings and thoughts but also on the oldest and most entrenched reactions and reflexes you have developed. The core aim of this strategy is to connect the mind and the body, find a deep contact with your feelings and your physical state, understand how the mind speaks to the body, but also how the body speaks to the mind, by sending clear signals to the brain and conditioning behavior.

Discover your resources

In addition to the typical elements of psychological support, such as an active, empathetic and non-judgmental listening environment, a psycho-physiological approach may also include the following strategies:

• Biofeedback, breathing techniques and relaxation technique;
• Embodiment techniques;
• Positive Psychology;
• Storytelling

The goal is to uncover existing resources, to unlock the person and to strengthen them to achieve their personal goals and increase their capacity for resilience.

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