Muscle testing and re-training

Isokinetic testing

In evaluation, isokinetics highlights deficits and imbalances of strength and power useful in the detection of athletes at risk of injury. Particularly in preseason tests. Thanks to its operating system, isokinetics adapts to all athletes, whatever their level, shape and strength. It also makes it possible to assess all the joints: both those of the lower limbs and the upper ones.

Isokinetics and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation performed with an isokinetic device provides precise and reliable results that define a trend. The physiotherapist can then determine precisely where the athlete is in his rehabilitation protocol. This helps motivate and reassure him. He can inform him of the next step in his protocol or if he can return to the field. All these elements are important for the mind of the athlete and also help to help him in his rehabilitation.


Make an assessment of your muscle strength. Athletes need to know their muscle strength at the start of the season, before a major championship, during a transfer ... For this, the isokinetic machine makes it possible to draw up, at a time T, a reliable and precise assessment of muscle strength. of an athlete. These data are recognizable and usable by all health professionals, physiotherapists, sports doctors ...

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