What is physiotherapy in perineology?

It is a specialisation in physiotherapy which is aimed at the treatment and prevention of functional disorders of the abdomino-pelvic sphere which may appear at all ages. The abdomino-pelvic sphere is made up of different, linked muscular and visceral systems. At the muscular level,we work on the muscles of the abdomen, the perineal body and the pelvic floor. From a visceral point of view, we will be able to have an impact on the gynecological / andrological, urological and proctological systems.

What is the work of a physiotherapist in perineology?

The purpose of perineal management is to prevent pelvic floor disorders, provide conservative treatment of urogynecological and / or proctological symptoms, pre and postoperative treatment and treat pelvic pain. It is a set of non-painful techniques which, carried out with respect for the patient's privacy, make it possible for the patient to isolate and improve their pelvic floor (the set of muscles and fascias which close the pelvis in its part lower, including among others the sphincters) as a whole.

Supporting future mothers

Some patients will attend consultations before and during and after pregnancy in order to prepare the body and mind for childbirth, to help them cope with the various changes the body undergoes during pregnancy, but also to re-educate certain very important muscles such as the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles.

Treat symptoms, improve daily life

For others, the weakness of certain muscles, nervous disorders, certain poor lifestyle habits and traumatic events can cause certain urinary disorders, such as incontinence or the need to go to the toilet regularly, but also anorectal disorders such as constipation, loss of feeling, or difficulty holding gas or bowel movement. We can also help people with pain or sexual problems. So many symptoms that can affect our daily well-being.

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