Optimising the healing process

Physiotherapy is used in the management of problems related to the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases, respiratory ailments, urological and cardiovascular diseases. The therapy can be administered by the therapist himself (passive movements) or by the patient (active movements) who performs exercises to mobilise, stretch, strengthen and relieve an injured muscle or joint. Many specific techniques are used to rehabilitate an injured or traumatized joint / ligaments / muscles.

Understand your body, your condition

By listening carefully to your problem (s), we will do our best to help you recover from your condition, starting with an accurate assessment of your general physical health. The physiotherapist will then analyze the best treatment plan and carefully select the techniques which will best resolve your problem. Adapted and progressive care is therefore essential to ensure we achieve your goals together. In order to maintain results over the long term, we strive to challenge you as much as possible within the limits of your capabilities and to make you an active participant in your own rehabilitation.


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