Running coaching

An adapted program to your needs

An adapted training program

We offer a personalized, phased, progressive session-by-session program adapted to your needs and capacity. Our programming optimizes your day-to-day training regime to achieve your goals. We offer monitoring and communication via a practical, instinctive and readable online platform entirely dedicated to your individual training planning and performance analysis.

We provide a customized training program with specific follow-up according to your needs.

A strong body

Muscle strengthening, often neglected by runners is a valuable tool both for limiting the risk of injury and for increasing performance. Together, we’ll build with you the physical conditioning that will make you more stable, improve the transfer of force between your upper and lower body and increase your motor control.

We also propose to work on plyometrics and strength, which help strengthen the rigidity of your tendons and your body's ability to store and then restore the energy required in the propulsion phase. This programming is possible individually or in a small group formats for up to four athletes.

Start together

Whether your goal is to run for 30 minutes continuously, to complete a 5 km run or simply learn to have fun while jogging, we can help! We’re here to help. After initial sessions to get started paired with a customized workout plan to follow, you’ll quickly be achieving your goals, and having fun.

A group to go further

While fundamental endurance running is the foundation of any program, interval training is a key to progress. By linking rapid running sections and resting phases, you train your body to work for a longer period of time at a high speeds. These workouts are demanding and much easier to do in a group. We offer group track sessions for interval training.

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