Podiatry: working for athletes

Sports podiatry is a paramedical profession which focuses on the relationship between the foot and the various pathologies caused by sport. Everyone agrees that playing sports is good for your health. However, it can lead to different pathologies caused by different factors: dynamic disorders, poor biomechanics, poor choice of shoes, training overload, too rapid increase in sports, etc.

The role of a sports podiatrist

A sports podiatrist treats all muscular, tendon and joint pathologies in the lower limbs (foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip) as well as in the pelvis and spine.

Complete and detailed examination

The sports podiatrist works on the basis of a complete and detailed examination which encompasses your medical history, joint amplitudes, muscular amplitudes, static and especially dynamic range. Functional/sports insoles are a therapeutic tool that is part of a comprehensive and multidisciplinary care package we can offer.

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