Urinary incontinence in athletic women

by Reygaerts Lucie

Urinary incontinence is a fairly common pelvic floor disorder in women that can occur at any age, and whose prevalence increases with age.

However, growing evidence suggests that urinary leakage in young, nulliparous women (who have not yet had a pregnancy or childbirth) is on the rise, especially among people who play high-impact sports. on the muscles of the pelvic floor, such as CrossFit®.



Kiné Sport published on June 15 a cross-sectional observational study on the evaluation of the pelvic floor in CrossFit® practitioners.



– What quality and force of contraction of the pelvic floor will we find in these women practicing CrossFit?

– Is there a real difference between sedentary women and women practicing CrossFit®?

– Is urinary incontinence directly related to the strength and quality of contraction of the pelvic floor?

To read the abstract of the study, please click HERE






If you too happen to have urinary leakage during a high-impact sport, do not hesitate to speak to your physiotherapist specialized in pelvi-perineology, she will give you a complete assessment to solve your problem.





If you wish to act preventively and be advised on the right sporting gesture, do not hesitate to contact a physiotherapist or a sports coach specialized in perineology.



We care, U perform.


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