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Thomas Clarebout

Passionate about sport, I practise it and I study it. What matters to me is performance, ie surpassing oneself and this goes through 2 channels: technique and your mindset. I work on these two assets by studying and practising sports physiotherapy and coaching.


+32 479 64 25 61

Laurent Duponchelle

Having acquired some experience in the management of sports pathologies in general and of the shoulder more specifically. I give my best to help my patients achieve their goals.


+32 476 80 12 70

Kevin Maniet

Specialized in the field of Strength/Conditioning and Performance, I combine anatomical, biomechanical and sports knowledge, in order to bring the best out of all the athletes I work with. Let’s bridge the gap from rehab to performance!


+32 478 20 68 47

Christian Denaeyer

I specialized myself in musculoskeletal pain. Trained at the Free University of Brussels, I apply a modern approach to this form of therapy.


+32 497 29 40 14

Romain Lambert

Passionate about people and their health, I like to put the expectations of my patients at the heart of treatment. A former top athlete and also a university professor, I use varied reasoning and techniques to meet your needs.


+32 498 74 83 36

Mathieu Meeûs

Passionate about sport and performance, I will be happy to accompany you to the top of your abilities. Specific objectives or after injuries / operations, you will return to the field at a better level.


+32 499 29 53 06

Matthieu Van Reet

Having always practised various sports, becoming a physiotherapist specializing in sports pathologies has always been an obvious career choice. My thirst for knowledge prompted me to study osteopathy to better treat my patients.


+32 497 04 13 39

Pierre Kelecom

Physiotherapist and manual therapist, my goal is to get you back on track and back to performance as soon as possible. Physiotherapy applies to athletes or not in search of rehabilitation or performance.


+32 479 33 49 61

Antoine Duchenne

Physiotherapist passionate about sport, performance and care based on the latest scientific advances. I use my experience and my energy to benefit my patients and to offer sessions adapted to their needs.


+32 486 15 33 73

Laurence Van Goethem

As a sports physiotherapist, I promote a healthy and active lifestyle. I take the time to carry out a thorough review which forms the basis of a functional treatment plan adapted to the needs of the patient and their objectives. With my enthusiasm and my positivity, I always bring out the best in my patients.


+32 477 35 63 22

Elodie Dewez

I am a female sports coach, specializing in Pre-natal & post Partum. I accompany athletic women who want to get pregnant, throughout pregnancy and after childbirth. I am passionate about sport & women. I'm here to take care of you & your baby.


+32 472 95 00 71

Julien Liens

Sports physiotherapist, I Studied at ULB. I am passionated about sports, I work every day to optimize the recovery and performance of my patients. I have been collaborating for years with high performance sport and seek to improve my skills.


+32 475 84 99 44

Arnaud Lambinon

Sports physiotherapist and manual therapist, I welcome you with enthusiasm and help you achieve your goals.
Passionate and with experience in high level sport, I also specialize in supporting runners.


+32 477 54 95 59

May Nguyen

I have always been a sportswoman, I am dynamic and proactive. Empathy is part of my qualities as a physiotherapist. I listen to the patient, and make their well-being my priority. Perfectionism, motivation, as well as seriousness are other qualities that I apply in my work. I support my patients in the treatment of their sporting (ortho-trauma,...) and non-sporting (lumbago, neck pain,...) pathology. The objectives of my care tend towards the autonomy of the patient, his confidence, the control of his pain and a return to normal or even more.


+32 498 60 29 40