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Gauthier Demartin

Physiotherapist since 2014, I was able to expand my "toolbox" with different training programmes. I give 200% of myself to help my patients with their pain. I am passionate about anatomy and biomechanics. I love my job.

+32 495 41 13 81

Henri Chantrain

Physiotherapist since 2014, I strive to do everything to help you and support you during your rehabilitation which will be the most active and tailor-made possible. We will define your objectives together and work hand in hand to achieve them with joy and good humor.

+32 475 65 42 60

Victor Puig Ramos

Sports physiotherapist specializing in running. Re-education and return to sport. Passionate about biomechanics and musculoskeletal pathologies, I combine manual therapy and active rehabilitation in order to best rehabilitate each patient.

+32 495 15 49 43

Philippe Toussaint

Physiotherapist with experience working with clubs and professional athletes. Based on active rehabilitation providing care throughout the treatment: pre / post-op, rehabilitation, re-conditioning and return to sport.

+32 472 58 43 43

Quentin Reginster

Post - op, post - trauma rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders. Experience in a professional and amateur sports clubs. Functional rehabilitation / re-conditioning.

+32 472 03 17 93

Valérie De Visch

Dynamic and sporty physiotherapist, promoting a therapeutic relationship based on trust and thoroughness. Active listening to expectations, a plan of attack and objectives established together based on results for optimal treatment and all this in joy and good humor because I love my job :)

+32 479 93 92 91

Sabrina Coutelle

Passionate and attentive I carry out static, postural and dynamic examinations to treat pain in your joints / muscles. Search for the cause and prioritise treatments. Dynamic / sports / scalable custom insoles if necessary.

+32 485 58 27 64

Mathieu Meeûs

Passionate about sport and performance, I will be happy to accompany you to the top of your abilities. Specific objectives or after injuries / operations, you will return to the field at a better level.

+32 499 29 53 06

Chiara Cosentino

Doctor of Psychophysiology, I have developed expertise in biofeedback to work on improving well-being and performance. I use techniques inspired by Positive Psychology, for the rediscovery of joy and compassion for oneself.

+32 484 49 41 42

Clémence Arets

Physiotherapist specializing in muscle chains, Busquet method. This practice allows an assessment of the whole human body in order to treat it comprehensively and in collaboration with the patient in order to find long-term solutions.

+32 474 92 64 97

Nicolas De Brandt

A passionate manual physiotherapist in his final year of osteopathy. Treats muscular, tendon, tissue-based and bone injuries, whilst seeking to identify the underlying cause.

+32 491 11 17 74

Simon Briffeuil

Physiotherapist since September 2022 and passionate about football, I work closely with the clubs of Boitsfort and Etterbeek where my goal is to provide care for the footballer by combining prevention, rehabilitation and performance. Another area that I particularly like is that of back pathologies (low back pain, herniated disc, sciatica) with which I was personally confronted for several months. During this period, I was able to deepen my knowledge of these issues by occupying the role of “patient” and not of therapist. It is therefore essential for me to develop a relationship of trust with my patient where listening, understanding and pain management will be the key words to achieve the objectives set at the start of treatment.

+32 479 56 44 96

Stéphane Lambin

Graduated in 2013, I would use my experience and knowledge, in a good mood and with professionalism, to support you and help you achieve your goals.

+32 491 07 43 62

Michoud Séverine

Perineal rehabilitation and pre/postnatal physiotherapy. Graduated in 2015, I continue to improve my skills in order to best care for my patients suffering from perineal disorders, and also to support young mothers before and after childbirth. Perineal disorders are not inevitable, they are symptoms and it is never too late to seek treatment!

+32 492 70 41 57

Cécile Rigondaud

Passionate about sports and functional rehabilitation, I am trained in sports physiotherapy and ATM. I take care of all sports or general pathologies following an injury or an operation as well as pathologies related to the jaw, with benevolence and in accordance with your objectives. I accompany you throughout your rehabilitation by making you the main actor of it!

+32 493 83 76 35

Guillaume Verleysen

Physiotherapist and personal trainer by training, always passionate about sport, I seek to lead my patients to the highest of their abilities. People and performance are at the center of my vision. Guiding you to the best version of yourself is my main goal.

+32 499 37 55 60

Marie De Giey

Nutritionist and food lover, Marie offers consultations which will enable you to improve your eating habits. Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition, are following a diet, are pregnant or need advice on intensive sports nutrition.

+32 477 49 32 82