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Stéphane Lambin

Graduated in 2013, I would use my experience and knowledge, in a good mood and with professionalism, to support you and help you achieve your goals.


+32 491 07 43 62

Maarten Wuijts

Sports physiotherapist, experience working with clubs, professional and amateur athletes. Passionate about sports, I want to encourage people to put more movement into their lives to put more energy into their next adventure. After an in-depth analysis, we will together determine a tailor-made active plan to achieve better rehabilitation, reconditioning, prevention or performance. Dry needles, manual treatments, taping, massage, manipulations, etc.


+32 472 64 09 41

Mathias Doornaert

I like to make the patient a partner in active care. I am convinced that physical activity is a therapeutic tool in its own right.
I like to practice with patients with chronic pathologies as well as with people with an acute condition to accompany them towards the best of themselves.


+32 478 69 65 94

Kevin Heylen

I like an approach where I combine the hands-on with the functional.
I try to be able to have a long-term effect in my pts by educating them on the level of movements and exercises.
I like to work on everything and overload patho (ex: tendinopathy) but also repetitive injuries (ex: ankle sprain) and everything that fits in dyskinesia (ex: scapula)


+32 493 18 14 95

Clément Hendrick

Passionate about sport in general, with a particular focus on speed & explosiveness being a sprinter myself, I'm a big fan of the biomechanics of movement, and the optimization of skills & performance of everyone


+32 471 56 27 86

Guillaume Verleysen

Physiotherapist and personal trainer by training, always passionate about sport, I seek to lead my patients to the highest of their abilities. People and performance are at the center of my vision. Guiding you to the best version of yourself is my main goal.


+32 499 37 55 60

Fabien Antoine

Passionate about sport and graduated in podiatry, I offer you a biomechanical examination and a stride analysis for preventive or curative purposes. Realization of made-to-measure functional soles and advice in the choice of your shoes.


+32 477 36 87 04