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Fanny Wénin

Sporty and dynamic, I am trained in sports physiotherapy, runner's clinic, Busquet muscle chains. I attach importance to the patient's involvement in their treatment. Convinced of the uniqueness of each patient, the treatment will be individualized.


+32 497 76 07 94

Gérome Franck

Always fond of sport, I have the chance to share my passion on a daily basis as a sports coach. My philosophy: to be active, above all for fun, to take up new challenges, and above all to share and enjoy every moment of life!


+32 475 20 62 72

Héloïse Stévins

Physiotherapist and passionate about high-level sport, I attach great importance to the well-being of my patients. I rely on my experience as a physiotherapist, a high-level athlete and on my personal experiences to offer varied, benevolent and effective care.
I am certified as a Renata Franca therapist and i am doing lymphatic drainage.


+32 493 11 65 14

Kateline Iorio

Graduate in Motor Sciences and Osteopathy. Osteopathy uses manipulation to diagnose and to treat the patient, and takes into account the relationships between body, mind, reason, health and illness, with emphasis on the intrinsic tendency of the body to heal itself.



Manon Lhoest

Trained in sports and pediatric physiotherapy, it is essential for me to support each patient to (re) find, at any age, safe and more efficient movement. An injury, although restricting, is above all an opportunity to work on your weaknesses and come back better.


+32 493 17 00 47

Olivia Martin

Spécialisée dans le développement psychomoteur et l’approche globale de la personne, c’est avec dynamisme et passion que j’accompagnerai vos enfants à évoluer, grandir et découvrir leur corps dans le respect de soi et de l’autre.


+32 472 62 68 29

Renaud Salomé

Coach specialized in physical and mental performance, I support you in your sporting and personal success. You define your objectives, I help you translate them into actions and results.


+32 477 82 16 26

Thibault Cramesnil

Specialized in manual therapy as well as in chronic musculoskeletal and sports pathologies. He will be committed to reducing your pain based on the best scientific evidence and his clinical experience, while taking your preferences into account.


+32 474 10 00 82

Cédric Hautrive

Sports doctor graduated from UCL in 2014 and trained in traumatology and sports medicine (UCL-ULG). I also have an electrocardiogram diploma from UCL and trained in stress tests.
Passionate about sport and more especially athletics and triathlon, I will be happy to support you in your goals.


+32 470 82 61 46

Martin Costa

Psychologist and sports trainer. I propose to accompany you and guide you in your objectives; improve your performance, change certain behaviors or find meaning in your activity.


+32 470 02 13 32

Nicolas Bogaert

As a dietitian and sports enthusiast, I like to share my knowledge in nutrition in order to help my patients and my athletes adopt better eating habits.


+32 479 20 54 11

Nicolas Maton

As a physiotherapist passionate about sport, the constant search for efficiency and performance as well as patient education are part of my mentality during the various treatments.


+32 471 43 44 49