Online coaching

Personal training adapted to your objectives

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Specialized coaches

Your program will be entirely dedicated to you! We will take into account your fitness level, your goals, the equipment available but above all your medical history. The personal training will be delivered directly to the free TrueCoach application. This very intuitive application will give you access to your program, explanatory videos and your live communication system with your coach.

Track your progress during your personal training

You can quickly save your workouts, view past results, post comments or ask questions from the app. A real tackling of your performance will allow your coach to adapt and develop your program in order to bring you to your objectives in an optimal way.

Online coaching - communicate in real time

You can comment on your workouts or send us a message directly from the TrueCoach app. All communication with your coach is kept in the same place and allows us better follow-up. We'll make sure you never miss a thing. my online coach

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