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Resuming physical activity after COVID-19

by Uperform

COVID-19 has undeniably changed our lives. As a result of the measures taken to contain the epidemic, some people have been deprived of their daily physical activities for several months. If the return to daily activities is done with joy and success for some, this is not the case for all.

Indeed, some people who have contracted the virus still have sequelae, sometimes major, sometimes minor. Among them, an inability to resume physical activity as before.


We shared with you a few months ago the international recommendations concerning
physical activity adapted to different person profiles.


We are sharing with you today a summary of the current recommendations of

resumption of activity post Covid 19.Découvrez-les ici.


The complications of this coronavirus are multiple. Not all people are suitable for
start the program to resume physical activity that will follow. If you have experienced
heart symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations, respiratory failure or
syncope, extensive testing with a cardiologist is required. An electrocardiogram or echocardiogram may be indicated. In the presence of myocarditis, a
3 to 6 month period of exercise restriction is recommended with further reassessment of
your abilities.


The return to physical activity program below is to be started after a period of seven days in the absence of symptoms. Each phase must last at least one week. Proceed to the next phase only when the success criteria are met.




Objectives: prepare for the resumption of efforts
Content: breathing exercises, mobility work, stretching, balance, walking
Recommendation: do not exceed 6 to 8 on the Borg scale. The Borg scale is a scale measuring perceived exertion (EPE) ranging from 6 (no fatigue) to 20 (maximum exhaustion).





Objectives: light intensity activity such as walking, yoga, classic household chores
Content: increase the volume of activity by 10-15 minutes per day
Recommendation: score between 6 and 11 (slight feeling of fatigue) on the EPE
Pass criteria: ability to walk for 30 minutes at 11 EPE





Goals: moderate-intensity activity and strengthening
Content: 2×5 minutes of aerobic exercise with a break in between. Add one additional set per day for 7 days.
Recommendation: score between 12 and 14 (“almost” difficult effort) EPE
Success criteria: manage to hold a session of 30 minutes and have fully recovered within the following hour




Objectives: moderate intensity activity, strengthening, coordination work and skills
Content: 2 days of training for 1 day of rest
Recommendation: 12-14 RPE
Pass Criteria: Normal Recovery





Objectives: classic physical activity
Content: return to the daily pattern of physical activity carried out before the viral attack
Recommendation: possibility of exceeding 15 EPE: difficult to extremely difficult effort if well tolerated.

Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different and that the work must be done on an individual scale. Do not start a new exercise day if you do not feel fully recovered from the previous day or if you feel symptoms returning (old or new).

Take the time to prepare for the movement before each session and return to calm
after. Make an appointment with your doctor if you experience a rise in temperature or pain in your chest.

It is not always easy to motivate yourself to resume physical activity after having experienced
such symptoms and feel diminished. This is the case for anyone who has suffered an injury.
We’re here to accompany you. Stay motivated, you are not alone!


We care, u perform



Bibliographie :
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