Where can I find iron in my diet?

by Marie De Giey

Are you tired, do you have palpitations, do you lack energy, do you feel dizzy, do you suffer from headaches? All of these symptoms could lead you to conclude that you have an iron deficiency.

Make an appointment with your doctor for a blood test.


Be aware that alongside supplements, iron is abundant in our diet! There are two types of iron in our diet: heme iron in the animal world and non-heme iron in the plant world.



Be aware that non-heme iron is more difficult for our body to absorb: its bioavailability is 5% (compared to 25% for heme iron).
Meat (especially red meat) is the greatest source of heme iron. Top it off with enough vegetables to increase iron absorption thanks to their vitamin C content.

Here are the biggest sources of iron on your plate: organ meats, liver, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas), black pudding, tofu, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, etc.
Watch out for anti-iron!


Tea and coffee taken during a meal rich in iron, decrease the absorption of the latter. Choose them outside of meals.


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