Zinc, the key to anabolism and many other reactions!

by Uperform

We have talked a lot about zinc (Zn) for a year, mainly in the treatment of symptoms related to the corona virus, because zinc is indeed an effective antiviral but it also has other very important functions in our metabolisms and it is a cofactor. about 200 enzymatic reactions.



The human body contains 2 to 4 grams. Zinc is the key to all anabolism! It allows the synthesis of cells and fibers muscle. It also allows the synthesis of proteins and other elements that make up
connective tissue like tendons, ligaments etc. Zinc is essential for the synthesis of collagen which constitutes the bone structure. Zinc helps reduce lipid peroxidation and protects against glycation. He has one antioxidant action.



In immunity, zinc is a key element in the functioning of the immune system through its action on the thymus and the multiplication of white blood cells. Virtually all tools that deal with DNA use Zn as a coenzyme.


Our brain also needs zinc, being essential for synaptogenesis and is an overall neuroprotector. It also helps to modulate the activity of NMDA receptors which can be overactivated in the event of stress, high drive tension, neurodegenerative diseases.


Zn deficiency makes more vulnerable to heavy metals and excess iron and copper
which play a role in brain damage, may contribute to psychiatric symptoms and neurodegenerative diseases. It participates in the protection against toxins, heavy metals.Increased needs also in children and adolescents in strong growth and pregnant women.

The lack of Zn reduces the capacities of development including cerebral and the vulnerability to the infections.


  • Importance of Zn also in athletes who stuff themselves unnecessarily with protein when they probably lack Zn to build muscle.
  • Importance of Zn in tissue reconstruction: fractures, osteoporosis, sarcopenia.
  • Importance of Zn in diabetes: Insulin depends on Zn for its conformation.
  • Importance of Zn for male fertility: no sperm multiplication
    without Zn! And role in androgen metabolism. A zinc deficiency can cause ageusia, poor skin healing.



Potentially 80% of men and 90% of women, 70 to 95% of children and teenagers do not receive the recommended intakes.

You will have understood that your zinc status is important and doing a blood test is the
only way to know where you are.






In general, the body absorbs 15% to 40% of the zinc found in food.
The oyster is the food that contains the most, but most meats and nuts contain interesting amounts. Legumes and whole grains also provide significant amounts of zinc. Vegetable zinc is poorly absorbed, be careful when you are a vegetarian.





Raw wild Atlantic oyster / 39.30 mg
Toasted wheat germ / 16.7 mg
Calf liver (raw) / 12.02 mg
Stir-fried calf’s liver / 11.90 mg
Chunks of beef, stew, cooked / 9.25 mg
Dried shiitakes / 7.66 mg
Roasted pumpkin seeds / 7.64 mg
Cooked crab / 7.62 mg
Raw lobster / 5.67 mg
Raw lean ground beef / 4.12 mg



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