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Welcome to Uperform MIX

Welcome to our new Uperform Mix center, a unique place that offers you an unforgettable experience combining health, fitness, work and relaxation. Located on the edge of the magnificent Soigne forest, our center is the perfect haven of peace to recharge your batteries and reconnect with the essentials. In addition to the fitness center, restaurant and co-working space, we are pleased to announce that our Uperform Mix center also has a wellness area where you can enjoy relaxing and therapeutic massages for help you relax and rejuvenate after a workout or a busy day at work. Join us for a unique experience. Come and discover the Uperform Mix center and let us help you realize your dreams of well-being and fitness.


At Uperform Mix, we offer a comprehensive approach to health and performance, based on the 4 pillars: movement, nutrition, mindset and recovery. Our multidisciplinary team of specialist therapists work together to provide personalized health and performance programs tailored to each patient.

Our mission is to prevent injuries, treat health problems and improve performance. We offer a wide range of services; General and sports physiotherapy, nutrition coaching, psychology, osteopathy, massage and many others including personalized training and monitoring programs.

At Uperform Mix, we are committed to helping our patients reach their optimal health and performance potential.

Sport medicine

Sports Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy in neurology


Services de conseils en nutrition pour sportif chez Uperform à Bruxelles

Personal Training


Running coaching

Accompanying seniors

Sport Massage

Des professionnels de santé dispensent des massages sportifs à Bruxelles chez Uperform



Mental preparation

Sports Performance

Suivez des entraînements sportif individualisé chez Uperform

Team management

Uperform propose l'encadrement médical d'équipe sportive à Bruxelles

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