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Improve performance by reducing injuries

In an athlete’s life, physiotherapy, physical preparation and nutrition are three unparalleled allies for success. This holistic support, tailoured to be specific to your needs, will enable you to perform at your best possible level pre-season, during competitions and in the off-season. We help athletes achieve their goals while reducing the risk of injury, which is one of the most important things in a sporting career. The rapid support we can provide and a strong knowledge of the field allow us to design programs specific to your sport and adapted to your condition.

Achieving concrete results

At the start of any athlete's treatment, a full screening will be carried out. It will allow us to identify the strengths but also weaknesses which could reduce performance or even lead to injuries. Based on these different assessments, the physical trainer, the physiotherapist and the nutritionist will establish a specific training program and adapt their sessions to the training load carried out in the club. Regular measurements will be taken using advanced technologies to ascertain the athlete's progress objectively.

Individual goals

Depending on your sport and your goal, you could call on us to improve:
- Speed: acceleration, deceleration, linear and multidirectional movement technique, running technique, footwork
- Power: Olympic Lifting, Plyometrie, Medicine Ball, Jumping & Landing Techniques
- Strength: Functional approach, Upper limb, core training and Lower limb.
- Endurance specific to your sport
- Flexibility
- Reduction of injuries

Individual or group

Our support can be done in one to one or in small groups of 2 to 5 in order to be financially more advantageous while respecting your personal goals.


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