Uperform propose l'encadrement médical d'équipe sportive à Bruxelles


Multidisciplinary supervision

You are the manager of a sports club or a coach and want to ensure the optimal supervision of your sports team in order to maximise results? Uperform structures are specifically adapted to help you realise your team’s objectives on the medical/sports front. Team coaching is based on the 4 pillars of performance: mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery. Using our team of specialists practising complementary disciplines, all of whom have an excellent knowledge of the world of sport and physical activity, we will guide you throughout the season.

Screening to reduce injuries

Screening your team allows us to pay particular attention to the prevention of frequent injuries in the sports environment. An analysis of training errors as well as the workload imposed on your team will allow you to keep your team fit and injury free. We also offer collective or individual rehabilitation or physical training programmes for athletes.

From group coaching to personalised training programs

Take advantage of our structures which are specially designed for the re-education / return-to sport and rehabilitation of athletes as well as the optimisation of performance. The training or rehabilitation programme will be put together on the basis of one or more assessments carried out by our health and performance professionals. The number of sessions, the pace and the intensity will be adapted to each individual’s needs.
Coaching the team to increase their physical performance also positively impacts on the morale of athletes, who will feel supported in their success.

Available Centers

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Healthy Life

Muscle growth and building

Healthy Life

Concussion; symptoms and treatments