What if I run out of Magnesium?

by Marie De Giey

Many people get over Magnesium deficiency because they don't listen to their bodies. Here are the different signs of a possible Magnesium deficiency.

  • I still feel tired in the morning
  • I often wake up at night
  • I get anxious quickly
  • I have difficulty falling asleep
  • I often get irritable
  • I am very emotional
  • I have muscle cramps
  • My arms/legs are numb
  • I often have a headache


    If you tick more than 4 boxes above, a small cure of Magnesium would do you the greatest good. It is therefore essential to speak to your doctor or nutritionist.

    Magnesium is a very common mineral in the body. Unfortunately, it cannot be produced by our body. Since it contributes to more than 300 cellular biochemical reactions, it is essential to have enough of it.

    Fortunately, Magnesium is everywhere on our plate!

    Here are some food sources that contain Magnesium: seafood, bananas, dark chocolate, nuts, almonds, spinach, legumes, whole grains, seeds (chia, poppy, sesame)…


We care, u perform.

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