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Alain Laforce

Sports physiotherapist, my practice is focused on coaching, prevention and taking care of athletes, particularly beginners and/or experienced runners. A management by me oriented towards a multidisciplinary approach and the sharing of my know-how will be the keys to improving your performance.


+32 474 54 52 82

Aurore Vlaemminck Decombele

Passionate about my job for 7 years, my massages are unique and personalized. I offer different massage techniques to best meet your expectations and needs.
I work with the heart and I am delighted to be able to offer you my services to help you find your inner harmony.
Do not hesitate any longer come and take a break for a complete letting go of your body and your mind.


+32 493 44 51 46

Camille Weber

Passionate about social contact and well-being, it has been ten years since I made massage therapy my profession.

In order to always deepen my knowledge, I followed various training courses in my field, and I discovered a real attraction for sports massages. These are ideal for preparing for a sporting event or for the recovery phase. I also practice relaxing massages, cranial, children's massage, etc.

The idea of ​​having a positive impact on my patients is very important to me and I am delighted to share this mission surrounded by a competent and dynamic team.


+32 472 59 75 33

Francine Bebe

Experienced mental coach, former high-level sportswoman, I am committed to helping you develop your mental abilities and allow you to achieve your sporting, personal and/or professional goals. 80% of your success depends on your mindset.


+32 493 44 75 86

Jihane Mrabet

Coming from the world of athletics, former high jumper, and currently champion of French-speaking Belgium in discus throwing. I have developed a taste for challenge and self-transcendence to the point of making it the subject of my studies (Two Bachelors and a Masters). Specialized in sports and mental coaching, for 8 years now, I have been helping top athletes and individuals to achieve their goals by meeting their needs. My mission is: - To help you find a healthy and that suits you - To correct your sporting gestures and/or posture if necessary - To ensure that the process put in place meets your request and need


+32 499 50 50 85

Marine Lemmens

Masseuse and beautician for 6 years, I am an eternal passionate about well-being and health.
Thanks to my different training and experiences, I am ready to lead you to absolute relaxation. Either not through a relaxing massage that will perfectly complement your sports sessions and the sometimes stressful daily life. Either by hand or foot care that links necessity and comfort.
It's more than a treatment, it's a moment for you.


+32 478 25 21 76

Nicolas De Brandt

A passionate manual physiotherapist in his final year of osteopathy. Treats muscular, tendon, tissue-based and bone injuries, whilst seeking to identify the underlying cause.


+32 491 11 17 74

Olivia Roland

I am Olivia Roland physiotherapist graduated since 2016 and also osteopath since 2022. I use the strength of these 2 diplomas to offer the most complete rehabilitation possible by working both specifically on the pain area but also on remote areas may have an impact. I keep myself up to date as much as possible in my practice in order to always offer the most appropriate treatments.


+32 491 07 03 25

Olivia Bassine

Graduated nurse for 4 years now and specialized in Intensive Care and Urgent Medical Aid, I mainly practice my profession in acute services in order to provide patients with the most appropriate and qualified care possible.
Motivated and very enthusiastic by this new project within Uperform, I like to diversify and deepen my training panel and also to expand my professional knowledge.
This new string to my bow will allow me to have even more this contact with the patient that I appreciate and which allows me to flourish in my profession.


+32 479 44 89 12

Marco Di Tomassa-Psycological

Marco Di Tomasso

Marco Di Tomasso accompanies adults and couples. The problems taken care of are among others: traumas, anxiety disorders, phobias, relational problems, stress and emotional management, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders, depressions, Burn out, behavioral disorders, couple problems, communication problems, ADHD, HP, hypersensitivity, psycho-spiritual evolution. jwelcometheextraordinary


+32 475 27 19 99

Kevin Maniet

Specialized in the field of rehabilitation and performance, I combine my anatomical, biomechanical and sports knowledge, in order to best help each athlete with whom I work to exploit the best of themselves!


+32 478 20 68 47


Andrea Sighinolfi

I would be happy to put my experience at your disposal to help you improve your diet. Sports nutrition, post-injury (sports or other) or specific to a pathology (eg diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, etc.)


+32 472 59 03 30


Arnaud Lambinon

Sports physiotherapist and manual therapist, I welcome you with enthusiasm and help you achieve your goals.
Passionate and with a strong experience in high-level sport, I am also specialized in supporting the runner.


+32 477 54 95 59


Sabrina Coutelle

Passionate and attentive, I carry out static, postural and dynamic examinations in the event of joint and muscle pain. Finding the cause and prioritizing treatment. Made-to-measure dynamic, sporty, scalable soles if necessary.


+32 485 58 27 64

Nicolas Vandenbalck

Doctor specializing in sports traumatology for many years. I treat acute (sprains, fractures, tears,...) and chronic (tendinopathies, osteoarthritis,...) osteoarticular and musculotendinous lesions in adults and children.
President of the Francophone Society of Sports Medicine (www.sfmss.be) I am very involved in the field and I update myself regularly (training, congresses,...).
During my career, I followed high-level sports teams (Red Lions, Brussels Basket D1, RSCA young, Taekwondo and English Boxing) and I took care of several federations.


+32 23 46 06 57

Dominique Boscariol

I am a Personal Trainer and a Group Trainer trained and certified in the USA, Coach in Nutrition, Weightlifting, I am also specialized in Senior Fitness.

I have always assiduously practiced Fitness and many sports including Tennis and Rugby; I still practice many Fitness activities, CrossFit, Weightlifting and Powerlifting sports.

I define myself as a very empathetic, ethical and authentic person who is inspired first and foremost by improving the physical, sporting and athletic qualities of my clients, regardless of their age, level, shape and goals.


+32 472 86 11 17

Dewez Elodie

I am a female sports coach, specialized in Pre-natal & postpartum. I support athletic women wishing to get pregnant, throughout pregnancy and after childbirth. I am a sports & women's enthusiast.


+32 472 95 00 71

Vincent Van Lierde

Passionate about sport since always and especially in physical preparation, I specialized from my studies in physical education. Since then I have acquired more than 10 years of experience in functional and fundamental movement support.


+32 472 59 19 92

Marie De Giey

Nutritionist, and passionate about cooking, Marie receives you in consultation in order to regain, improve or maintain your health through changes in eating habits. You will receive easy and tasty recipes to achieve your goals: weight loss, muscle mass, pregnancy, diabetes, cholesterol


+32 477 49 32 82


Savina De Radiguès

Trained in sports physio and neurological rehabilitation, I want to offer my patients a treatment adapted to their needs to guide them to the best of their abilities. Also, in order to see everyone as a whole and to incorporate a holistic approach in my practice, I am currently training myself in the physiological chains.


+32 472 56 18 33

Floriane Dierckx

Passionate physiotherapist, manual therapist in training and trained in neurology, I offer personalized care open to all, whether in the field of sport, post-operative, rehabilitation or neurology. I attach great importance to seeking out the best in everyone, with enthusiasm and kindness. With my 10 years of clinical experience and close contact with high-level tennis, my practice promotes active exercises, exercise retraining and a return to sport. Curious about everything, I continue to train myself in order to offer quality care. Pleased to welcome you !


+32 484 24 91 03

Frédéric Donck

Managing teams, especially if they come from different cultures, nationalities, academic backgrounds and disciplines, requires diplomacy, psychology and listening.
However, if these qualities are essential to the exercise of leadership today,
Unfortunately, this is not enough!
As part of my responsibilities within international institutions, European industry and organizations from civil society, I have been able to verify that ​without a clear understanding and strong ownership of the values, purpose and mission of the organization, employees will not feel engaged, will not fully express their talents and ultimately will not achieve their objectives.


+32 496 28 63 86